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Signs of Hearing loss

While no two people suffer hearing loss are exactly the same, many share similar experience some of which are as follows:


– Difficulty following conversation
– Feeling that others are mumbling
– Asking people to repeat themselves
– Answer others incorrectly
– Have difficaulty hearing in noisy or group situations
– Miss phone calls of the doorbell
– Experience tinnitus
– Turn up the TV or radio louder than others


–┬áTake medications that can harm the hearing system
– Have a family history of hearing loss
– Have been exposed to loud noise
– Have heart or circulation problems or issues with their thyroid gland
– If patients have any pain in their ears, discharge or dizziness


– Feelings of stress associated with straining to hear others
– Frustration at trying to hear what people are saying- Embarrassment when meeting new people or misunderstanding others.
– Nervousness regarding conversations
– Withdrawl from family or social occasions
– Pretending to hear in company
– Feeling isolated


Hearing loss can occur at any stage of our lives. If left untreated, the development of the patient can suffer as well as having an impact on social, general health, psychological and cognitive well-being. Our greatest concern is to avoid a patient becoming isolated or withdrawn. Research has shown that untreated hearing loss can result in:
– Social withdrawl and isolation
– Social rejection- Loneliness
– Irritability, anger and negativitism
– Stress, tension and increased tiredness
– Depression
– Reduced alertness and awareness
– Reduced job and task performance
– Increased risk to personal safety
– Frustration for loved ones- Diminished overall health
– Impaired memory and a strong association with dementia
– Low self esteem
– Loss of intimacy
– Insecurity
– Personal changes

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